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Autor: Ole (193.25.18.---)
Datum: 04. Mai 2009 10:50

WORKSHOP mit Colin Sinclair / Jazz–Dance
Dortmund Sa. 9.05.2009 11:00 - 14:00 Uhr
!!! nur 30€ !!!

Diploma: Urdang Academy of Ballet and Performing Arts
Diploma: New York Film Academy

Tel: 017678007028


Colin Sinclair graduated from The Urdang Academy of Ballet and Performing Arts in London. He then started a long career as an Artiste.
Traveling to Norway and Sweden he worked as a dancer/ singer in musical shows for scandinavien television. At the same time, he was co-founder and choreographer of the Abstract Dance Company.After touring with the company, Colin decided he needed new challenges.
Following a two-year absence he returned to London to work as a freelance teacher and choreographer, he started a new dance project called "Metropolis" who toured the Canary and Balearic Islands for further two years. Performing in Theateres, Hotels and Casinos and on television with glamours Las Vegas floorshows.

Taking a break from dancing he then joined the German based singing group "Ménage a Trois". He completed a German tour and returned to dancing, teaching and choreography. While at the same time he enjoyed working as a model in London and Paris.
For two years, Colin was the executive Choreographer for Showcase Enter-tainment as well as resident Choreo-grapher for The Talk of London Showroom. In both positions he wrote and developed concepts for forth coming productions as well as producing and directing.

Colin's carrer has been very varied. From performing and choreographing for theatre, video and television to performing for and meeting the late Princess Diana.
He has more recently been performing in the German based musical "Tabaluga und Lilli". He has written serval stage plays and show concepts. He holds a New York Film Academy Diploma. At present, he concentrates on writing, choreography and filmmaking.

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