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We B*Girlz Festival Berlin August 2008
Autor: We B*Girlz (87.187.238.---)
Datum: 14. Mai 2008 23:53

We B*Girlz Festival - August 2008 – Berlin

Supported by the “Hauptstadtkulturfonds” and with support of the mayor, we will organize one of the biggest festivals for women in Hip Hop so far, a 4-week Festival with workshops, panel discussions, film festival, exhibitions, battles and shows.

We B*Girlz wants to present a strong role model for adolescent girls. Women play an important role in Hip Hop culture, but are presented by the media mostly as scantily dressed background
dancers. We B*Girlz Productionz wants to show that women mastered skills in all aspects of Hip Hop and have earned a place in Hip Hop history. We will celebrate their creativity with a one month festival in August 2008 in Berlin.

It will be the first festival of its kind in Europe comparable only to the B-Girl Be in Minneapolis which was celebrated for the 3rd time in 2007 and unfortunately will be suspended this year.
Beginners will be able to learn different ways of expressing themselves, advanced artists will be able to study further in master classes given by international artists, and the audience will be able to indulge in dance music and art.

Our intention is to provide a platform for girls and young women from different nations and cultural backgrounds to make contacts, exchange ideas, and support each other. The We B*Girlz Festival will provide girls with the tools to be creative in the different aspects of Hip Hop and will also teach them how to document their own culture through multimedia.

The following workshops will be available

- Breakdance
- Streetdance
- Popping & Locking
- NuStyle
- Krumping
- Aerosol Art
- Beatboxing
- DJing
- MCing
- Fashion Workshop
- Video Workshop
- Radio Workshop
- Photo Workshop
- Website workshop
- Studio Production
- Yoga for Dancers
- Business Workshop
- BMX Workshop (Mellow Park)
- Skateboard workshop (Mellow Park)

The festival will open with a press conference at the Hip Hop Headquarters in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg on the 2nd of August. There will be events every weekend in during the 4-week festival. On August 29 we will have a bit Concert in the Cassiopeia with more than 20 national and international artists on 3 floors. Confirmed artists are:

International: Roxanne Shanté - New York (tbc), Bahamadia - Philadelphia, Invincible - Detroit, Eternia - Toronto, Shania D - LA, Stacy Epps - Atlanta, Yarah Bravo - London, Mauikai & Eyris- Miami, DJ Shortee - Scratch Academy LA, DJ Josie Styles – Australia and others...

National: MC Pyranja - Berlin, Sookee - Berlin, Jeneez - Berlin, Too Funk Sistaz - Berlin, She-Raw - Berlin, Ischen Impossible - Düsseldorf, Nia Gara - Regensburg, DJ Freshfluke - Berlin, DJ That Fucking Sarah - Berlin, DJ Caynd – Berlin and others...

On August 30, we will close the festival with the We B*Girlz Dance Off, a dance festival with shows and battles in the Universal Hall.

The following battles are planned:

- “End of the Weak” female MC Battle
- Aerosol Art Style Battle
- Tag Style Battle
- We B*Girlz BOTY Battle (2 on 2) international qualifier for the final in October
- B-Girl Solo Battle
- B-Girl Crew Battle
- Bonnie & Clyde Battle (mixed 2 on 2 battle)
- Popping Battle
- Locking Battle
- Streetdance Crew Battle

In the course of the festival we will produce a magazine, a compilation with female MCs and a DVD. We will have an exhibition about the history of women in Hip Hop with a library, a Martha Cooper photo exhibition and an exhibition by South African graffiti artist Faiths47.

In close collaboration with the Hip Hop Association, Social Services of Hip Hop and several other international organisations, we declare 2008 the “Year of the Hip Hop Woman“. Worldwide there will be events listed on an events calendar. A website, a book and an international lecture tour are in the works (check attachment: International Press Release Year of the Hip Hop Women).

Presse Kontakt:
Nika Kramer
We B*Girlz

3. Aufgang, 2. Hof
Anklamer Straße 38
10115 Berlin

Tel:+49-30-44 35 67 52
Mob: +49-178-69 33 000

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