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Album von Cloud Tissa "Phisically Fit" im Handel! + Videos
Autor: rapnationcrew (178.191.245.---)
Datum: 16. November 2011 02:19

Neue Groovige Songs und Videos von Cloud Tissa sind da.

Artist: Cloud Tissa
Album: Physically Fit
Label: Maisha Records

1. BURN IT (video clip and song)
The video showcases a different approach mainly behind the scenes,
different from what one would expect from a typical club video look,
rather Burn It video showcases the work and input before the final
product is bumped in clubs or screens. The video is made of scenes in
the studio recording, photo session, contract deals and more..
The lyrics of the song define the haters and those guys that backbite
behind your back and happy to see you fail but amazingly you just keep
rising up and lighting it up.
The song is recorded, mixed and produced by R Kay in Nairobi Kenya at
Mingi love studios.
mastered in Austria at Goldchamber studios.
Youtube video link: []

2. MY GIRL (video clip and song)
Taking you to a fantasy world of graphics and love, My Girl video is
inspired from the series ?Desperate House Wives? staging a
relationship scene inspired by Eva Longoria.
My Girl is another smash disco dance track recorded mixed and produced
by R Kay at Mingi Love studio, Nairobi Kenya and mastered at
Goldchamber studio Austria. My Girl blends electro sounds taking you
back in the 80's disco classics merged with today's urban club electro
sound with the mellow dancehall rap vocals by Cloud Tissa.

Youtube video link: []

3. SHAKATAK (video clip and song)
from the album Physically FIT comes another smash hit track "Shakatak"
for all the club scene lovers and even for those who at times love to
wind down and kick back and let their spontaneous sides take over.
" your ex girlfriend left you, you been calling she isn?t picking, she
been harsh and telling you to leave her alone,. Now you just walked in
the club, she see's you and all over a sudden wants you back and can't
stand to see you with another girl" that's what Shakatak lyrics and
video is all about...
recorded, mixed and produced by Julian Hruza in Austria, mastered at

Youtube video link: []

Download link to Audio Mp3, Fotos and Release Infos:


Videos also available for download in HD format on megaupload (for
dvd,tv broadcast or web)
Click the links below: wait for the seconds on the far right corner
to count till 0, then click Regular download and save file to your comp.

1. BURN IT video file download link:
2. MY GIRL video file download link:


3. SHAKATAK video file download link:


For any interview arrangements (web, phone or radio / tv) would be my
pleasure to be part of your show, blog and news feature. For any
drops (dj, radio or video tv) also feel free to let me know.
Contact: email:
Tel : +43 699 10 84 18 97
Skype user name: cloudtissa

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Thank You

songs and album also available for mp3 and audio cd shippin on
Amazon, Itunes, Cd Baby, Rhapsody and many more..

Some of the links:

Tel: +43 699 10 84 18 97

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